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Ohhh what I would give to be at the Tuileries on a sunny fall day with you…

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it’s a weird feeling to find a letter in your mailbox from your jewish grandma with an article telling you that because you’re 1/2 ashkenazy jew, you have an even greater risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. 

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from “the last thing he wanted”
ph. darren ankenman

from “the last thing he wanted”

ph. darren ankenman

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Henri Matisse - Acanthus (1953)

Henri Matisse - Acanthus (1953)

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played this album on repeat at work t’day! ^-^

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Camilla Engman

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Mars retrograde

Mars retrograde

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i dunno, feeling a little uncomfortable / weird / off about some of the questions i’ve been getting lately that seem kinda judgmental and assuming (unanswered and answered). i know that i use this blog to unpack and work through a lot of personal thoughts and feelings, and i love being able to help people and connect on this platform, but this website is just a tiny glimpse into my life and i think that sometimes people think that they can take advantage of knowing what they do via tumblr by asking things that aren’t really their place, if that makes sense. especially as strangers giving unsolicited advice and making comparisons / projecting their feelings onto my relationships and i just feel a little bummed tonight. :/

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