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feeling like a sad sack of crap lately! things are really hard right now! not knowing when a paycheck is coming getting scarier by the minute! so much is making me feel down in the dumps!! i keep crying and i hate it! everything is temporary but it feels like a slow death! feeling stuck and bummed, feeling not good enough!

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monica ramos

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8/22 - #blessed

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never craved a cheeseburger and crispy salty hot fries more than now omg nooooooo

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Anonymous: Oo i like your voice

thx bb

Aug 21

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caribou, “our love”

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OK so nick would KILL me if he knew this was online but i needed a good laugh tonight and found this video of us in paris and it makes me crack up every time. basically his back tensed up really really bad one evening after walking a lot so he asked me to massage it. I PROMISE that’s all this is. he was deliriously tired and so this is what happened. SORRY YALL

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it me

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

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